Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fashion/Life....Closet Function and Organization!

I don't know about you, but I don't have a "dream closet". 
My closet serves a purpose of function.
I work 5 days out of the week,
each day I have to wear an "outfit".
I also am a procrastinator by nature
never plan out my outfits ahead of time.
I go to my closet and have pull something together 
in the 5 min that I have allotted myself.
I have a two person closet ( I only get 1/2 of) and so there is no such thing as "pretty"
it is packed from ceiling to floor.
So every square inch MUST serve its purpose.

After trying many different layouts with my hanging clothes
I think I finally have a system that works for me
and my busy life.

I do a donation clean out every 3 months
 ( I work in retail and am always replacing pieces).
I think we all have those pieces that we just can't bare to part with.
Remember...dress your body now.
If it doesn't fit you now PROPERLY
then just donate it.

Any pieces that you still are unsure about put back into your closet with the hanger backwards.
If you end up wearing that piece then it goes back in the closet with the hanger normal.
Then when you go back for another donation clean out 
you see backwards hangers,
you know you haven't worn that item and its time to donate.
I do keep a few basic pieces (they fit well and look nice) that I never wear
 because you never knowwhen you will need them.
 I have 2 pairs of dress slacks,
3 basic dresses, and 2 dressy formal tops.
If I'm ever in a pinch now
 I don't have to rush out and buy for that last moment event.

I know my Mom is cringing because I am about to use her closet as an example.
The reason why I don't feel bad is because I know she is not alone.
Closets are hard to keep organized and hard to find a working system.

Above is my Mom's closet before I got my hands on it.
There was no "system".
There was nothing convenient about it.
 I know just by looking at it
that she doubled her time putting outfits together.

My Mom is a professional
 needs to look that way 5 days out of the week.
Her professional wear is more "dominate",
 so therefore is the majority of her wardrobe.

Here is the system I created for her...
Bottom left: all of her bottoms (pants and skirts).
Top Left: All of her tops,
Right: Layering pieces (sweaters, blazers, vests) and dresses.

Now its super easy...
pick a bottom, top, and then a layering piece.
 Shoes and Jewelry are organized on the shelving not pictured.

Tops are organized with career tops being most easy to access. It goes in sleeve length instead of color. After career is organized then I started her casual tops, also in sleeve length.

Shoes..... I have a lot of them.
 I have a door organizer and put the pairs
 I wear the least on the top and work my way down to the bottom.
The shoes I wear the most are in the middle for easy grabbing.

Jewelry also needs to be easy to grab:

A  bulletin board works great for me.
All my necklaces are lined up so I can see everything.
Earrings are in a drawer system according to metal color. 

 your closet system needs to be functional for your life style.
If you wear casual clothes everyday then modify it for your needs.

Happy organizing and spring cleaning!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LIfe...runs you sometimes.

No, I haven't forgotten about my blog. Not in the least. Unfortunately life caught up with me. The last month has been extremely stressful and unexpected to say the least.

- We had a pipe burst and flood our bedroom which resulted in a month long of repairs.

- I had a sudden unexpected trip to California about 2 weeks ago see my Grandmother because she wasn't expected to live long. My Mom and I missed saying Goodbye by 3 hours. So frustrating and overwhelming planning and attending her funeral. This alone took a toll on me. It also was an unexpected expense that we are now working double to make up for it. But that's life right? I wouldn't have changed a thing.

- Coming back from Cali my husband and I had to clear out our entire bedroom into the living room in order to get the anti mold treatment and carpet cleaning done after the flood. Our condo is 700 sq if you can only imagine the mess and total inconvenience of this process.

Needless to say I am typing this and staring at my house still in shambles with loads of laundry.  My husband and I work SO much and most the time only see each other in passing or at bedtime. The last thing we want to do is chores when we finally get time together.

I have to prioritize and unfortunately blogging hasn't been on top of the list. Like I have stated...I'm am TRULY an everyday girl.

I do have some material for a new post...I hope to get to it this week. Its about closet organization.

Don't give up on me just yet...I have more...much much more!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Makeup...BOLD LIPSTICK a step by step!

Here is a step by step
on how to do a 
have it last all day with just a couple tiny touch ups!

Step 1:
 Start with a bare lip and then outline with concealer and blend in.
This will prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Step 2:
Outline your entire lip with lip liner.
 I only focus on the outer line being as straight as possible.
 The inner lip will be covered up.

Step 3:
Use a lip stain (I use NYC) and fill in the rest of your upper and lower lips.
Let dry and then reapply again.
You should be able to kiss your hand and have no "lip marks"

 Step 4:
Take lipstick and and "press" on...this will really help set the color onto the stain.
Make sure to get up on the lip liner a little bit in order to blend it in.
You should not see a ending of lip liner into start of lipstick.

 Step 5:
Taking a square of toilet paper blot your lips once.
Press on another layer of lipstick.

 Step 6:
You can use a clear lip gloss to give a more "flirty" look.
Add a dab of gloss to your pinky and then
just apply to the center of your bottom lip.
This will give your lips a more pouty look.

 Step 7:
Clean up around the lip with your concealer brush!

And there you have it!
The finished product!

Seems like a lot of steps but I
 when you
 having to reapply 3-4 times a day you will be glad you took the time!

Just a little extra funny photo bomb from my husband....he thinks he is sooo funny. ENJOY!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life...."What inspires you?"

A couple days ago at work I was asked the question "What inspires you?". My answer was simple "Not one person inspires me. I am inspired by peoples actions."

This has had me thinking all weekend about what has "inspired" me this week. I think it is so easy to get caught up in everyday that we forget to STOP what we are doing and find at least one thing that is positive or inspiring for that day. I challenge you this week to find your "inspiration".

Here are mine from last week....

- My husband. I have NEVER met someone who will ALWAYS put others before themselves as much as my husband does. Call me biased but its true. He is always the guy to stop when someone needs help ( as long as he feels its safe). Every night we talk about what went on throughout our days. He is SO aware of how he comes across to others. He tries to treat everyone fairly regardless of the situation. Even though I don't always agree with how he handles situations (I'm a VERY bold personality), I am always inspired to be a better person because of his actions.

- I currently work in a women's retail store and I had the pleasure of helping an elderly couple this week. As some of you know I have a weakness for elderly. LOVE THEM! In the beginning I had a hard time. The women wouldn't decide if she liked something or not until her husband did. At first I was super livid. I'm the type where I don't care if my husband "approves" or not. If I want it and I like it then I'm getting it regardless. After helping and getting to know this couple for over an hour I found out that the women refused to go shopping. Her husband ALWAYS had to bring home new clothes for her because she never wanted to spend the money on herself. She ended up finding about 5 complete outfits. She told me to take them to the front and that her husband would decide which ones they were going to buy. As I was up at the cash register the husband told me that he had a lot of room on his credit card and they were going home with EVERYTHING that she liked. Their total was over $400 which I knew from talking with them that they couldn't afford that much today. He was so cute....knowing that they were going to have to budget to pay off the card he still wanted to spoil his wife. I am still thinking about them almost 4 days later. I am inspired.

- If you keep up with the blog at all you know that I am a newly converted hockey fan. My husband and I attended the last 3 games of the season this past week. We always have so much fun. For those of you who know me personally know that I have taken a liking to EVAN STOFLET. Its been fun being a "super fan"...tagging him in photos and being the equivalent of a "Bieber fever fan" (hopefully not quite as extreme). I don't know Evan personally...not one bit. But I have to say that by observing him play he has INSPIRED ME. After attending 9 games this season I have noticed that Evan is the "cheerleader". Always cheering up his teammates. During period breaks Evan always goes out and meets the goalie and they go to the locker room together. The 
Grizzlies are always getting new players and it seems that Evan makes an effort to make them feel apart of the team. He is always one of the last ones off the ice. For professional sports I think this is amazing. I can tell that he is a great team leader and leads by example. It reminded and inspired me to be more of the "cheerleader" and create more team unity in my professional life. 

I consider my husband and I to be very fortunate. I think we do well financially and lead a pretty great life style. We try to "pay if forward" when we can. Our favorite thing is to buy a family their dinner. It doesn't happen often but we love doing it. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makeup....The Chapstick Collection.

You know you have a million different chap stick brands
just laying around your house.
Some you bought because it was the newest thing...
others you bought just because.

I have a million and one
I have tried many brands over the years.
BUT I think I have narrowed it down to my favorites.

My Reviews:

I bought "BABY LIPS" because so many people were raving about it. It does NOT soften your lips over time. I find it only lasts maybe through the hour. It was not worth the money spent to ever get this again. It is offered in different "tints" which I haven't tried...I'm not a fan of tinted chap stick.

Nivea is so much better then "BABY LIPS".
I use Nivea before I go to bed and wake up with silky soft lips!
Its non greasy, super light, silky smooth. Its the absolute best!

Its commonly known that if you have chapped lips or cracked lips that your are dehydrated. So if that is the case then drink more water. I use this once a week to give my lips a "spa day". I layer it on before I get in the shower. Between the steam and "Neosporin Hydration Treatment" the dead skin on my lips is completely soft. When I get out I just rub my lips on my towel and any dead skin just comes right off. My lips are renewed and ready for a week full of lipstick!

You can get "EOS" when your checking out at "Walmart".  I stumbled upon this gem a year ago and  its been love ever since. "EOS" was actually featured in ELLE last year as one of the best lip treatments out there. It lasts a good 4-6 hours during the day. The peppermint is soothing and tingling. Its the best well round treatment I have ever had. I would recommend this to ANYONE and have actually gone as far as giving as a small quick gift!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashion...Thrifty, Thrifty!

Lets talk about shopping on a budget!
I think sometimes we feel like its hard to do.
Where do I go?
What is a good deal?

I asked for some help on this post
Let me introduce


Jennie and I were collage roommates.
She always had the best closet!
Jennie was the one who's closet we went to 
when we needed a new look.

Jennie has ALWAYS prided herself on shopping 
 as she likes to call it.
I say she shops extremely smart.
Not only does she save a
of money
 she looks trendy while doing it.

Jennie supplied me with 9 outfits
a list of where she shopped with the price point she paid.
I think you will be shocked.
I love that Jennie restyled a lot of her pieces
to create different looks and outfits.

Before I get much further I have to give a
 to Jennie's husband 
for being the photographer 
and letting us use an insane about of texts back and fourth on his phone....

Top- Forever 21 $14.80,  Maxi Skirt- Ross $16.99, Long Gold Necklace- Forever 21 $3.80,
Turquoise Pendent Necklace- Forever 21 $4.80,  Boots- TJ Max $20

Blouse- JCPenny $12, Skirt- JC Penny $8,
Necklace- Rue 21 $2,  Flats- Fallas $5.99

Top- TJ Max $12.99, Pants- Forever21 $3.99
 Earrings- Homemade rocks from hobby lobby $3, Flats- Fallas $5.99

Blouse- Forever21 $17.80, Pants- JC Penny $4, Bracelet- Kmart $3.79,
 Earrings- Homemade rocks from Hobby Lobby,  Shoes- Payless $7

Blouse- Downeast $10,  Pants- Walmart $15.88,  Flats- Fallas $5.99,
 Earrings- Charlotte Russe $5,  Bracelete- Target $12.99

Top- JC Penny $12, Pants- TJ Max $15,
Statement Necklace- Plunder Design $8
Flats- Forever 21 Shoes $12

Top- Forever21 $10.80, Pants- Walmart $15.88, Belt- Forever21 $6.80,
Long Necklace- Forever21 $2.80, Short Necklace- Forever21 3.80,
Earrings- Forever21 $3.80

Blouse- Forever21 $17.80, Cheeta Cardi- H & M $10, Pants- Forever21 $15.80,
 Earrings- Forever 21 $1.50, Flats- Payless $7

Blouse- JC Penny $12, Pants- Forever21 $15.80,
 Collar Necklace- Rue 21 $2,  Cheeta Flats- Target $14.99
Jennie, Thank You so much for participating!
 It was so exciting to get a picture a day and see what you were wearing! 
You are amazing AND gorgeous!
Love ya!